Frequently Asked Questions


A: Once the job is complete and the photos and/or videos are delivered, they belong to you, with certain copyright restrictions. Raydrone, LLC only maintains the right to use the photos and/or videos on our website or other marketing materials, property location is not disclosed.

A: Our turn around time is typically 2-3 business days.

A: Raydrone, LLC attempts to service most areas of Florida and are willing to travel considerable distance to do your job. When large travel times are required the costs associated are included in the estimate to the client. Also, some jobs may not fit into the three different categories. For those jobs we will tailor an estimate specifically for the client’s needs. Detailed Estate and Waterfront videos including low altitude and closer views are additional considerations. Construction projects may require additional considerations for time and access requirements.

A: We accept all major credit cards through our Website. Sorry cash and checks can not be accepted.

A: Raydrone, LLC knows how to contact the FAA control tower and in most cases obtain airspace clearance for jobs that are located within restricted airport areas. This is an FAA requirement.

A: Yes. Our pilots have FAA Certification as Remote Pilots for flying drones. Our aircraft also have UAV Registration with the FAA per all the FAA requirements. All drones that provide services for Raydrone, LLC are owned by the company and we maintain General Liability Insurance for each small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

A: It is violation of FAA policies to operate any drone weighing over one half pound without both the pilot being Certified by the FAA and the drone being Registered with the FAA. Drone service providers can be fined by the FAA (possibly thousands of dollars)if the pilot and drone is not certified and registered with the FAA. Pilots flying drones in the National Airspace are considered to be great risk to commercial airplane traffic. FAA guidelines and restrictions on who can fly and where they can fly a drone are maintained by the FAA and must be complied with.